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Roman Reigns vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Keith Lee vs. Razor Ramon vs. Enzo Amore

Fire Pro Wrestling World video game {PC version 2.15.2} (odysee link)
Roman Reigns vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Keith Lee vs. Razor Ramon (Scott Hall) vs. Enzo Amore
CPU-simmed elimination match with no countouts, no DQs, and no time limit
February 26, 2022

Roman Reigns (real name: Joe Anoa'i) is an American pro wrestler who is one of the few people in WWE given top star booking protection. A former college football player at Georgia Tech, Reigns has good athleticism and the right connections with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in his family.

Jeff Cobb is an American professional wrestler signed with New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he is a two-time IWGP Tag Team Champion with Great-O-Khan. Prior to coming to NJPW, Cobb wrestled in Lucha Underground, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and All Elite Wrestling.

Abdullah the Butcher (real name: Lawrence Robert Shreve) is a Canadian retired pro wrestler. Abdullah's brawls were the stuff of legend, violent battles across the globe that intrigued and horrified onlookers.

Keith Lee is an American pro wrestler under contract with All Elite Wrestling. Lee got serious attention working in companies like PWG and EVOLVE, where his remarkable size/agility combo stood out. From there, Lee signed with WWE, which proceeded to squander his talent in ways that were shocking even by normal modern terrible WWE standards.

Scott Hall was an American pro wrestler who gained tremendous fame as part of the New World Order (nWo) faction in World Championship Wrestling. Prior to that, Hall worked for the AWA under his real name, then had a run in WCW as The Diamond Studd before gaining worldwide fame as Razor Ramon in the WWF.

Enzo Amore (real name: Eric Arndt) is an American pro wrestlers currently working the indies as Real1 and nZo. As one of the final NXT call-ups who wasn't forced to talk like a robot, Enzo's unique delivery on the microphone allowed him to get even the most inane Vince McMahon drivel over to a live audience. Enzo found success teaming with Big Cass, first in NXT and then on the main roster. Once the team split up, Enzo was relegated to 205 Live, where he won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship before leaving the company.

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